Classical economics today

E’ stato pubblicato un volume in onore di Alessandro Roncaglia, a cura di Marcella Corsi, Jan Kregel e Carlo D’Ippoliti.

Raccoglie 16 saggi:

  1. The Reconstruction of an Alternative Economic Thought: Some Premises (Salvatore Biasco)
  2. Reflections on Unity and Diversity, the Market and Economic Policy Jan Kregel
  3. Ending Laissez-Faire Finance (Mario Tonveronachi)
  4. Democracy in Crisis: So What’s New? (Michele Salvati)
  5. The Democracy of Ideas: J. S. Mill, Liberalism and the Economic Debate (Marcella Corsi and Carlo D’Ippoliti)
  6. Turgot and the Division of Labor (Peter Groenewegen)
  7. Agricultural Surplus and the Means of Production (Gianni Vaggi)
  8. The Role of Sraffa Prices in Post-Keynesian Pricing Theory (Geoffrey C. Harcourt)
  9. Classical Underconsumption Theories Reassessed (Cosimo Perrotta)
  10. On the “Photograph” Interpretation of Piero Sraffa’s Production Equations. A View from the Sraffa Archive (Heinz D. Kurz, Neri Salvadori)
  11. On the Earliest Formulations of Sraffa’s Equations (Nerio Naldi)
  12. Normal and Degenerate Solutions of the Walras-Morishima Model (Bertram Schefold)
  13. Trading in the “Devil’s Metal”: Keynes’s Speculation and Investment in Tin (1921–1946) (Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Annalisa Rosselli)
  14. The Oil Question, the Prices of Production and a Metaphor (Sergio Parrinello)
  15. Europe and Italy: Expansionary Austerity and Expansionary Precariousness (Davide Antonioli, Paolo Pini)
  16. Adam Smith and the Neophysiocrats: War of Ideas in Spain (1800–1804) (Alfonso Sánchez Hormigo)